Creating a More Diverse and Inclusive  culture

Cultural conflict is occurring because you've got the diversity BUT  you lack the inclusion.

Your organisation can begin to create an environment that  EMBODIES  the Fairness Factor -- now you can move toward equity.

My Clients

The companies I work with realize their turnover may be too high and who want to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. If you are thinking ‘that’s me’ - let’s work together.

Who I work with

I bring my Fairness Factor Experience to successful companies who want to finally create their more diverse but inclusive culture.


Shirley A. Roe


I was impressed by your presentation to our large group, and I bought your book. These fascinating subjects become more and more important to all of us as we figure out how to navigate diversity and inclusion issues over the next decade.

Roger Dukhan

I connected with Dave Patterson's message immediately, and let him know after our corporate event. Dominant culture people need to embrace the idea of being complicit in the many unfair past events and injustices. That's where the solution starts. Dave can convey this in a way that makes it stick with audiences.

Courtney Robertson

I've seen Dave present multiple times, plus helped with coordinating events featuring Dave. I can say that we need more speakers like him -- able to take an uncomfortable subject and literally transform the audience's thinking.

Maria G.

I very much appreciated hearing Dave speak about indigenous-settler relations. The information was very easy to digest and I believe that his events are the perfect introduction to a very complex topic for people looking to learn. I like Dave’s easygoing and positive approach and definitely recommend hearing him speak

Paul Williamson

I was the organizer of our event with Dave Patterson. We need more speakers like Dave, who have the ability to tackle this difficult subject and open people's eyes with both passion and compassion.

Mary Mitchell

Generally accepted narratives tend to be written by those who wield the most power. A useful element in the dismantling of racism is the gaining of a broader perspective of past events. Dave Patterson delivers a message that brings focus to a remarkable facet of the human story, information that was omitted from the biased 'history of the Americas' that I was taught as a child. What I learned from Dave further deepened in me an appreciation, respect and love for human diversity that I will carry forward as humanity undertakes the elimination of racial inequality. I am very grateful to Dave for this enlightening information. I encourage others to find out more through Dave’s transformative presentations.

Loreen Lee

I had a problem that you helped solve. As a fellow white resident, I felt that so much of the unfairness around me would never get dealt with. Now I'm feeling more hopeful. I learned that racism of all kinds can be gradually overcome. For me, that resulted in a calmer approach to these troubled times.

Don Hunt

I got to know Dave a bit while introducing him for our group of over 300 attendees. He was a memorable speaker who held our audience's attention, and astonished many.