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Who We Are

Dave Patterson is an expert on Fairness.

Dave remembers making a 'discrimination chart' as a 20 year old. Example: it had columns for type [example: age], the ‘catalogue photo’ [age = 25-35], and everyone who was not in the ideal range [children, teenagers, middle-aged, retired, elderly].

Society still caters to these many ideal ranges and finds new ways to treat unfairly all those who are outside the range. Even with media microscopes, instant video posts and dash cams, our BIG needle doesn't wish to move. Childhood conditioning is too strong.

The Fairness Factor ™ deals with it. Workers today relate to Dave as they try to navigate their way through the landmines of racism. Patterson thrives on moving that needle for individuals and companies. And the more needles, the better. He’s a seasoned speaker who welcomes the big groups.

When Dave can make equity messages stick around until Monday morning, he has succeeded. It’s whatever works. Whatever makes a difference.

When the kindergarten teacher told Dave his videos had changed her view of everything, he knew it was true. How? One of her colleagues asked for his material, explaining how the other teacher spoke about it at a full staff meeting, showing tears as she relayed her new attitude and how it compared to her childhood experiences.

Dave Patterson created The Fairness Factor ™ after becoming convinced: if an immediate transformation could happen to him, it could happen to others.

Dave grew up in many parts of Southern Ontario but has resided in Toronto for the last 35 years. He is a fairness doyen and author of the book ‘What’s Wrong with My White People?’. Dave's passion for his subject dates over 20 years while listening to Ray Fadden's message on his car radio. Dave was never the same.

Ray began ground-breaking teaching in the 1930’s and spent many years learning all he could about the original cultures of the Americas. He published articles that detailed the many unrecognized contributions the Western Hemisphere Indigenous had made to modern civilisation. Just as Blacks and Whites were added to our continent’s blend, so Dave’s anti-racist message, perfect for our decade, grew to cover all equity issues in our workplaces and in our attitudes.

Cultivating Your Fairness Factor

I Create Your More Diverse & Inclusive Culture

“The good news is – are you all ready for the good news -- we all have the Fairness Factor already. It comes as standard equipment with every human being. You already possess it. It’s the nagging feeling that tells you when something isn’t quite right. It’s being bothered by something that keeps reoccurring to you. And as you go through parts of the EDI journey, your built-in Fairness Factor will come to your rescue over and over, incorporating what you’ve discovered and nagging you about the next steps. That’s the growth. Your difficult job is to let it happen. It’s difficult because we are also hard-wired to treat new information as a threat.”


For decades I’ve been developing this purpose that has been leading me to you -- and my next presentation. Why do I have such a knack of making people’s anti-racism light bulbs switch on? I don’t even know. But that is my ability.

It’s the reason I’ve developed my expertise in Fairness. The Fairness Factor ™ will help your company.

Large multi-nationals have global Diversity & Inclusion departments. They have evolved over time as we learned that higher profits go to the companies with equitable track records. But smaller firms, busy growing their businesses, are just now looking to these important discussions. Equity. Diversity. Inclusion. E-D-I.

I work with these companies to send the quick clear message, to get them moving on their EDI journey.

What is it all about?

North America’s current racist issues are rooted in the colonialism that Indigenous, Blacks & Whites are still living in . Your people will be given a glimpse through a new lens that can inspire them to fairness and equity. They will follow Dave’s 5 step formula.

The inspired workforce is the beginning. The success is the middle -- the EDI journey itself. The outcome is the end: your people’s new base-line results for what’s fair are matching up to your organisation’s better bottom-line results and improved turnover.

  1. Point at ourselves
  2. Look closer
  3. Feel the discomfort
  4. Release guilt
  5. Let’s be fair!